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More Than 4

Morethan4 Athletics was created by Sean Fredella to paint the world of sports GOLD. As a 4 time cancer survivor, Sean has been motivated to raise awareness for pediatric cancer. Morethan4 Athletics was created after Sean became close with Ohio State and NFL defensive end, Joey Bosa.

Bosa helped Sean create a new brand to bring GOLD into the sports world. They named this platform Morethan4 Athletics because out of ALL the money to fight ALL cancers, less than 4% goes to fight pediatric cancer. Morethan4 works with players, coaches and anyone else who is associated in sports at all levels.

Morethan4 Athletics also works with The Rally Foundation on raising money and donating the proceeds to hospitals and institutions all around the country. Remember that if you have ANY connections to ANY level of ANY sport, you can make a difference by wearing GOLD. Wear the GOLD. Do it 4 the kids. Let’s get #Morethan4.


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About Sean

At the age of two, Birmingham, Alabama native Sean Fredella was diagnosed with Leukemia and his life changed forever. He defeated Leukemia three times by the end of his third grade year. By the beginning of fifth grade, he was looking to start a new life, free from cancer.

Unfortunately, a rare adult tumor (Esthesioneuroblastoma) formed behind his left eye interrupted his young life. His doctors at Children’s Hospital of Alabama recommended that he should receive treatment at MD Anderson in Houston, Texas. Thankfully, after many rounds of chemo, he was cured. Sean walked out of MD Anderson a 4 time cancer survivor. Throughout his fight, Sean met and lost many friends suffering cancer. These experiences opened his eyes and sparked his passion for raising awareness for pediatric cancer.

Sean believes that no child should have to endure the horrors of cancer. He believes that no child should to die from cancer, and no child should have to lose a friend at such a young age. Every day children die from pediatric cancer, and now is the time to take action. Sean believes that sports are an important platform for raising awareness for pediatric cancer. He is determined to raise the funding for pediatric cancer and putting an end to pediatric cancer.